Sign in front of Linda's Kitchen

Sometimes, the BEST places are the most unsuspecting from the outside. And Linda's Kitchen fits that bill to a T! Attached to a gas station on the "rural" side of Jefferson, you wouldn't think much of it passing by... unless you saw the drive-thru line to the street! And that's pretty commonplace!

Linda's Kitchen is only open select hours/days, and only offers breakfast foods. But they are homemade, fresh, and straight from your grandma's kitchen! Basically, you can add whatever you want to a biscuit, have some eggs or hash browns, and grab a coffee or sweet tea and be on your way! My favorite is a traditional sausage biscuit with hash browns and a sweet tea! YUM!

If you haven't stopped by Linda's for a breakfast biscuit yet, you're definitely missing out!

For more information on Linda's Kitchen:
Phone: 706-367-9387
Address: 1402 Jackson Trail Road, Jefferson