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Homestead Exemption is one way to reduce the amount of property tax you pay on your residential property. If you occupy your home as your primary residence and have owned/occupied the property as of January 1st, you are eligible to file for the Homestead Exemption. You only have to file this once, and it will automatically renew each year. 

When you file, you may be required to submit one or more of the following: copy of your Warranty Deed, proof of residence, social security numbers, driver’s license and car tag info. If the property is located within city limits, you may be required to file with the city as well.

Below is contact information by county!

Gwinnett- deadline is April 1
May File Online or In-Person

Jackson- deadline is April 1

(706) 367-6325

May Only File In-Person


Walton- deadline is April 1


May Only File In-Person


Barrow- deadline is April 1


May Only File In-Person


Forsyth- deadline is April 1

(770) 781-2106

May Only File In-Person


Hall- deadline is April 1


May File Online or In-Person